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Tiwi Islands Training and Employment Board

‘A prosperous future for all Tiwi through lifelong learning and skills development.’

The Tiwi Islands Training and Employment Board (TITEB) was established by the Tiwi Land Council to coordinate training and employment activities on the Tiwi Islands. The Board is owned and managed by a Tiwi Board of Directors and is nationally registered as a Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Quality Training Framework. The Board also manages one of only two Northern Territory funded Group Training Organisations operating a new apprenticeship scheme.

TITEB delivers and coordinates a range of development and life choice services to the Tiwi communities; the Community Development Program which supports people who are on Australian Government Payments; a Registered Training Organisation that delivers a holistic range of courses ranging from adult literacy to Certificate IV qualification; and the Remote School Attendance Strategy which is part of the Federal Government’s Closing the Gap strategy around primary and secondary education in remote communities. Of TITEB’s current 66 staff, 43 are Tiwi.


Phone:  08 8941 5988

Email:   reception@titeb.com