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Tiwi Resources

In 1991, Tiwi Resources Pty Ltd was established to help Tiwi people benefit economically from land-use activities such as mining, carbon, fishing and forestry, on the Tiwi Islands. Income generated helps to relieve poverty, advance education, improve land management and support cultural and ceremonial activities. Tiwi Resources Pty Ltd manages the Tiwi Land Rangers and the Tiwi Marine Rangers, who are responsible for Looking After Country activities across the Tiwi Islands. 

Tiwi Resources is owned by the eight Tiwi Land Owning Groups: Malawu, Mantiyupwi, Munupi, Marrikawuyanga, Tikalaru, Wurankuwu, Wulirankuwu and Yimpinari. 


Phone:  08 8941 1162

Email:    yvonnek@entity1.com