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Statements and Vision

A Statement of our Past

The aboriginals of Bathurst and Melville Islands remained a unified entity repelling any unwanted effects of alien contact, embracing others, and generally enjoying authority over their own lives and customs for a period of two centuries.

(Krastins, V. "The Tiwi: A Culture Contact History of the Australian Aborigines on Bathurst and Melville Islands 1705-1942." BA Hons thesis, ANU: 1972)


A Statement about the Present

We believe that the Tiwi Land Council provides a continuation of those processes now affirmed in legislation; recognising our one language and common and distinct customs; our constant contact with each other and shared hunting grounds and ceremonies; our established practice of calling meetings and seeking the advice of our elders that have served our people for thousands of years, and is a recognised and respected authority for the management, protection and development of our interests.

(June 1977)


Our Vision for the Future

Our vision is of an independent and resilient Tiwi society built on the orderly and well managed utilization of our natural and human resources through reliance upon our own management, maintenance and protection of unique cultural and natural resource values for the enjoyment and benefit of future generations of Tiwi.

(September 2003)


A Statement about the Present 

The Tiwi Land Council represents all Tiwi people in the protection of our land, sea and environment, while at the same time supporting sustainable economic development to improve Tiwi lives through employment, income, education and health opportunities. Our reputation is founded on our cultural and leadership strengths, following in the footsteps of our visionary leaders.

(September 2016)