Tiwi Land Council


Tiwi CD

This CD was produced to provide information to Tiwi about new ways to manage our natural resources.


Frederick Mungatopi
Launching the CD at Nguiu

This interactive CD-ROM includes over 45 minutes of video narrated by Ted Egan describing a range of contemporary resource management issues on the Tiwi Islands.It is presented using a unique combination of 3D satellite image animation and aerial video to create an exciting visual experience.

It also includes:

  • Natural Resource maps.
  • Traditional dances.
  • Reports and posters.
  • Interactive/animated climate and weather information.
  • Traditional stories.

This is an innovative educational tool for the Tiwi Island primary schools. It will sit on the school computer network systems in both Tiwi and English language versions. It will be a dynamic tool, updated and with additional land resource information as it becomes available.

For more information about this product contact the Tiwi Land Coucil or Rohan Fisher at cycadmedia@bigpond.com