Tiwi Land Council


Natural Resource Management Strategy

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Foreword 221 kb
Executive Summary
Regional Profile 735 kb
Physical Profile 596 kb
  Geology Landform and Soils
  Flora and Funa
Values and Vision 451 kb
  Place and Landscape Values
  Traditional Use Values
  Economic Values
  Conservation Values
  Statement of Vision
Natural Resources Management Issuses and Recomendadations for management  
Planning and Regional Management  
  Information availability, management and ownership 107 kb
  Areas of High value to Tiwi people and shared value. 73 kb
  Biodiversity 75 kb
  Fresh Water Resources 113 kb
  Costal Mangement 41 kb
  Economic Resources. 198 kb
Managing the Risks  
  Communities and out stations 37 kb
  Construction and Infrastructure 65 kb
  Economic Development 198 kb
  Weeds 33 kb
  Feral animals 136 kb
  Quarantine 32 kb
  Land Clearing 82 kb
  Soil Erosion 126 kb
  Fire 41 kb
Capacity building 81 kb
  Capacity building to manage natural resources
Summary of Objectives and Recommended actions 264 kb
Policy Framework
Implementation and Review
ActionPlan 237 kb
References 207 kb
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