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Tiwi Meet the Future

2In 1705, Dutch navigators came to Bathurst and Melville islands, looking for trade and for chances to expand their empire into Nova Hollandia. Between April and July 1705, Maarten van Delft and his men spent three months exploring the islands and making contact with the Tiwi people.

In 2005, Dutch people and their companies are back on the Tiwi islands, making good the opportunities which were dreamed of so long ago.

This is a vividly illustrated and inspiring, description of a group of Australian Aboriginal people who are working to make better lives for everyone. A book for every Australian - beautifully
written by acclaimed north Australian authors Peter and Sheila Forrest.

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Tiwi Plants and Animals Books

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'Shared knowledge is essential to surviving knowledge. This book combines scientific names, common English and the Tiwi names and uses of 216 plants and 171 animals of our Islands.'
-Matthew Wonaeamirri. Chairman, Tiwi Land Council.

'Tiwi Plants and Animals documents the plants and animals used by the people of the Tiwi Islands, and demonstrates the depth of local knowledge held by the Tiwi people. This local knowledge is integral to the skills and values, which promote sustainable environmental management on the islands." - Senator Robert HilI Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage

'Tiwi Plants and Animals records and conserves the traditional Tiwi names and uses of almost 400 plants and animals. It has been prepared by Tiwi elders as a legacy for future generations and in memory of previous generations. Over 600 full colour images are used to bring to life this ancient and powerful Tiwi wisdom. We recommend this book to you as an insight into one of Australia's most vibrant Aboriginal cultures.

Natural Resource Management Strategy.

In response to the different interests within the region, the Tiwi Land Council has developed a Natural Resource Management Strategy that provides a vehicle for the integration of development, environment protection and conservation planning. Based on the underlying tenet that it’s purpose is to support the lives of the permanent residents of the Tiwi Islands, it provides the template for long term planning and decision making in natural resource management.

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'Tiwi Land Information CD.

This CD was produced to provide information to Tiwi about new ways to manage our natural resources. Click here to learn more.




Tiwi Meet the Dutch: The First European Contacts.

An outline of the history of tiwi contact with the european navigators, with special reference to the tiwi encounter with the dutch seafarers in 1705.

Tiwi Meet the Dutch: The First European Contacts (PDF - 1.5mb)