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Awana and welcome to the website for the Tiwi Land Council. In establishing modern title to our land the Commonwealth provided a Land Trust, and our Land Council as the Trustee of that Trust in 1978. Whilst accountable to the Commonwealth our functions require continual consultation and reinforcement of the ambitions and opinions of our landowners through their 97 families who comprise our eight land owning groups.

We are Island people who have adapted mainland aboriginal culture for our own Tiwi uniqueness. Our skills include individual aspirations for success within the bonds of family respect and tradition. Our entrepreneurial skills have been documented since first contact with the Dutch in 1705 and are reflected in our sustainable industries today – plantation forestry, transport and maritime infrastructure, tourism, fish farming, retailing, building and contracting and hire services. Project management and business planning and development are continually assessed as multiplier opportunities flowing from core sustainable forestry, aquaculture and infrastructure projects.

The Land Council communicates and facilitates opportunity but is not a commercial participant. We encourage our vibrant Art Centres and their expanding national and international profile. We passionately support our eight football teams and their inspirational elite Tiwi Bombers NTFL squad. We have founded our Tiwi Islands Training and Employment Board now established with training centres in our three major communities, all with individual work and training profiles across the entire workforce. We have planned and continue to assist our Tiwi Education Board in establishing our Tiwi College boarding school currently with 66 students living in “family group homes” at the Pickataramoor campus on Melville Island.

Our people demand their own participation in the management and development of their own resources upon their own land. Five representatives from each of the eight land groups provide a total of 40 Land Council members. Representation at 1:50 assures opinions and decisions reflect those of our landowners, a democratic difficulty for most representative bodies who struggle for more than 1 per thousand or more. Our Land Council is our landowning families at work for their benefit and their security upon their land.


Tiwi Islands

The Tiwi Islands are
privately owned.

Like other landowners in Australia, Tiwi Island people value their legal rights to grant or refuse permission to people wishing to enter their land.

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The Tiwi - News for the traditional owners

Tiwi Islands

Tiwi Islands

Our Island home is 60 kms across the Arafura Sea north of Darwin. Bathurst and Melville Island and five smaller islands total 800,000 hectares and include a coastline of 1016 kms held under free-hold title by our 2000 landowners.

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